Things to Do in Omaha, NE

Omaha is without question the most notable city in the state of Nebraska and has the highest overall population in the state with just under 450,000 people. The city rests on the furthest Eastern boundary of the state, as the Missouri River runs by the city and separates the city from Iowa to the East.

There are a great deal of parks and attractions in the area, as well as a ton of museums, which showcase the history of the city of Omaha, with a wide range of exhibits. If you do want to check out a Museum, two of the best options in the city are the Durham Museum, which is a train exhibit, as well as The Josyln Art Exhibit. The Josyln Art Exhibit is definitely worth checking out if you love art, as it is named as the top fine arts exhibit in the area and is highly regarded from both residents and visitors alike.

Another great thing to do while in the area is to head over to Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, which is a place that the entire family can enjoy, especially if you have young kids with you. The Zoo and Aquarium has some fantastic attractions, including a large desert dome building that is pretty fascinating. If you are in the Omaha area, there is no question that the Henry Doorly zoo and Aquarium is a must stop, or you can even take a relaxing stroll around the Lauritzen Gardens, which is a beautiful botanical and garden display in the city. However, before you head out to the Lauritzen Gardens, make sure you check in to see if they are open or not, because they are a seasonal operation, but well worth exploring if they are open and require just a small fee for entry. There are a ton of things to do in the city, regardless of what you might have an interest in, so if you keep an open mind, there is a very good chance that you will have a good time in the city.